Ryan Fritz Bio

It has been said  " Ryan Fritz can handle a pen as well as he can handle a rope ".

Ryan's song writing started back when he left home to cowboy on Canada's Gang Ranch in the Cariboo region of British Columbia.  After honing his trade and many ranches later,  he moved to Saskatchewan to raise his family on their own outfit.  Ryan's music is inspired by the western and ranching lives of the past and the present.   His own experiences of cowboying, stories of other people & his environment makes for " lots of good writing material ", says Fritz.  Ryan has released seven albums to date including  ' Keeper of the West ', released in early 2016, and his latest, Cow Pony, in 2021.

His entire music collection is very individual from one album to the next, with each unique song telling a vivid story in it's own. Ryan continues to stay busy song writing, performing live shows throughout North America
and of course, ranching.